Terms and Conditions

Expected Turn Time

An order composed entirely of Inventoried or Downloadable products is expected to leave the distribution facility within 2 business days from the time of order. Orders which contain Web-to-print products are expected to ship within 5 business days. Products requiring extended processing times may exceed the above schedules, and will be noted in the product description. All line items on an order will wait for the entire order to be completed before shipping. The total time-to-delivery will be the sum of the production schedule above and the selected delivery service.

Order Cancellation Policy

  1. Web-to-print products – Web-to-print items ordered on the storefront enter the production queue immediately upon receipt of the order. During this process, irreversible costs are incurred. The storefront order workflow includes a number of opportunities to proof and check the accuracy of an order. In most situations, this proofing/approval process can prevent an order from being placed in error. Once the order enters the production process, the order cannot be changed or cancelled.
  2. Web-to-download products – Orders for downloadable items may not be cancelled.
  3. Inventoried products – To cancel an order for inventoried materials you must call the customer support phone number. We will make all reasonable efforts to prevent the order from shipping. Once the shipment has been processed, the order cannot be cancelled.
  4. Orders Pending Approval – Orders for items requiring Administrator approval will be held in a pending status until approved. These orders will be held for no more than 30 days, at which time the order will be automatically cancelled.
  5. Customer Supplied Data & Art – The quality of customer-supplied digital assets such as custom logos and data used in web-to-print products is wholly the responsibility of the customer. We cannot cancel or refund orders based on the poor reproductive quality of customer supplied digital assets.

For complete terms and conditions, please see http://www.suttle-straus.com/terms.